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Fully Body Detox

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Dear forum users

I am thinking about doing a fully body detox and was hoping someone could steer me into the right direction as I have no idea what to do and what is involved.

Something hopefully which is easy and will clean me out inside and out.

Any advice will be appreciated greatly.



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Body Detox Diet
Usually, a body detox diet has two phases: the monotrophic diet and the raw food regimen. The first phase starts after the three-day fasting. In the first phase, which is the monotrophic diet, you are allowed to take only a single class of fruit for each meal. Like for example, you prefer to eat apple for breakfast. You will only eat apple fruit for that meal, regardless how many servings, or slices or pieces of that fruit, as long as it is of the same kind. For lunch, you may choose another fruit like banana for instance, then melon for dinner. The point simply is, one fruit type in every meal. Monotrophic diet is meant to last for a week.

I hope this will help you in detoxifying yourself.:)

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Have a look at the books by Gillian McKeith (i think thats the last name) she is into eating healthy, but uses lots of detox foods....
There are lots of good books about, but i think the basis, is slow at first, so introduce the raw stuff, then go onto fish etc, i have read about it in the past and would love to have a go, sometimes you feel your body really needs a clean out, i understand that.
Let us know how you get on.
A friend of mine does it now and again, he eats nothing but raw stuff and drinks only herbal teas. mind you he is a veggie too so eats well most of the time.

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Have any of you tried the juice diet for a detox ? I have heard lots of people talk about and I would like to try it out