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Auriculer Acupuncture for pain relief

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Does anyone have information on how long an acupuncture/acupressure seed should be kept in place? It is being used to try to combat severe, chronic, post shingles pain.

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When I had these applied years ago, they stayed in place between weekly appointments! There was no time limit set, and a couple of times they only lasted about 48 hours. If they are causing you discomfort, remove them - otherwise, just make them a conversation point if anyone notices them!

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Auricular Seeds, Press Studs

Hi there

The idea of the press studs or acu seeds is to allow the treatment to continue after leaving the clinic.

With the acu seeds, they tend to 'wash off' after a few days and can be rubbed when needed. With press studs held in place with tape, they are more invasive, since they actually puncture the skin so there may be an issue with infection.

Best advice with press studs is to keep the area clean and replace at least daily if you are feeling a benefit from using them.

All the best - Esaias