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White Witches

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Hiya All,

Can someone answer a question for me, i would love to become a White Witch, but someone told me you cant just become one, you have to have had the 'witchy thing ' from birth. Is this true???

If it is Untrue, how do i go about it, where do i start???,

I appreciate all your time and help,..

Many Thanks

Tracey xx:eek:

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RE: White Witches

Welcome, Tracey.
No, it's not true. Some people are naturally more gifted than others in some areas, e.g. Art, Sports, Computers, public speaking etc., and will obviously have a head start, but that doesn't mean that the less naturally gifted can't learn if they put the effort in and persevere. It's true that some gifts run in families - but it would be nonsense to say that someone could never be a musician because their parents weren't - wouldn't it?
Next, what does "witchcraft" mean to you - and why do you want to be a witch? Do you want to join a group, practice with a partner, or do your own thing and be a "hedge witch" or "solitary"? Each has its merits, though groups can be a little intimidating for the novice, especially if there's a large proportion of "dressers" (you know, acting mysterious, big black cloaks, dripping pentacles etc....)
Being a witch isn't about dressing up - it's all to do with what's inside; cultivate a oneness with nature, live the cycle, feel the current, respect life and respect the earth - be mindful of your actions at all times.
Celebrate in ways that are meaningful to you; don't get hung up about whether you're doing a ritual right - if it feels right, it is.
Read a lot - as a primer, try reading Marian Green's "A Witch Alone", but there are many others - some good, some bad.
And if you need advice - just ASK...they're a helpful lot here on HP!
Blessed be,


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RE: White Witches

Marian Green's "A Witch Alone",

Excellent book!! I also highly recommend this book!

Another book that is just as good and I would also recommend you read is 'Hedge Witch' by Rae Beth.

Good luck on finding your path...