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The Craft

silver falcon
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Hi eveybody. I'm just starting out in the Craft and would like any advice you can give me. A friend (hi crystal) [sm=wave.gif] has leant me Silver RavenWolf's book 'To Ride a Silver Broomstick' which I can't put down and I am going on the Amazon to order that and one of Scott Cunningham's books. My mate is very good with help but all help gratefully received.

Also how do I get a spirit guide. Silver's book talks about them and it says she will tell you how to get one but I cannot find the section in the book.

Blessed be.

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RE: The Craft

morn' silver.... blessings to you hon... have brilliant day...[sm=food-smiley-004.gif]

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RE: The Craft

Hello silver,

You have always has a spirit guide, you just need to get to know him/her. This happens usually through meditation techniques or by quietly listening. Sometimes, you may have an overpowering urge to do something, or have deep visions of another land. This is the guide's way of getting through.

Good luck with your 'Craft endeavours. It's well worth it.


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RE: The Craft

Regarding spirit guides - this is just my personal experience but I have found wearing Lapis Lazuli when sleeping has helped my dream work. I have been able to meet/experience a new animal spirit guide in both animal and human form in a dream. This was quite an experience. I've now had to stop wearing the Lapis because the dreams are too vivid & I need to sleep (!) -but it was certainly worth doing for a short time.