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Hi all

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Hello all its been a few days and im itching for conversation lol. heres a question for you all.
How safe do you feel in your invironment?
Heres my take on my own question.
Daytime i feel reasonbly safe when im out alone.
Nightime is a non-starter i dont go out alone after dark any more.

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I have made a consious decision not to be afraid of what may happen, this is partly because there are times when I am out and about on my own at night, and I am normally on my pushbike. If I was afraid I would be a nervous wreck. I do have friends though that won't let me leave there house late at night if I am cycling home they would rather I get a taxi or spend the night on the sofa. But on saying that I live in a smallish town and there is a relatively low crime rate, would I feel the same in a big city ~ i don't know?