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FREE Worldwide Mass Healing Event at 9:00pm UK time Sunday 8 August

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Quantum Thought Collective Healing Intention™ (aka "QT CHI™").

Many of you have heard of the free remote healing sesions offered by a Qi Gong Practictioner. This is a similar event using an intention technology I developed a few years ago.

On Sunday at 9:00 pm, UK local time (GMT +1 -- pls check an on line Time Zone calculator for the corresponding time in your location), I will set forth the intention that every person who wants and intends to participate in this mass remote session (signified by your simply intending to receive it at the appointed time: you can even forget about and still receive it!) will receive the healing energy.

Just to be sure, there have been no modifications made to the QT CHI: anyone can still access it for themselves or for someone else at any time, up to one session per day per recipient. This is simply a mass healing intention that will access the QT CHI on behalf of all who wish to participate in this event. You don't need to make the usual statement calling for the QT CHI: I'll be doing that on everyone's behalf.

So, if you are curious, you can even just simply intend now or at any time prior to the session that you will receive the healing at the appointed time, and you will be good to go. You do not need to contact me or request to be included: your simple intention to be included includes you automatically!

One more thing: If you are already a regular user of the QT CHI and intend to join the mass event, please remember NOT to use your one session that day beforehand. Trying to override the original 1-a-day intention usually doesn't work, and I'd hate to see you miss out!

Also, you can include any person, pet, group, place, thing or situation you have or share responsibility for, or who has requested healing. For example, this could be your children, pets, home, yard, garden, car, computer, family dynamics, work/office or work/office dynamics, your town/city, very ill loved ones, anyone/everyone on the Healing Request forum still needing healing help and, yes Winder, Mother Earth too!

Just write each subject down on a piece of paper with "QT CHI Mass Healing Event, Sunday 8 August 2010" at the top.

Also, feel free to forward this post to any person or forum you like and to let as many people as you like know about the event. The more the merrier!



P.S. Of course, post-event feedback will definitely be welcomed!

P.P.S. If you have not heard of the QT CHI (it is NOT Quantum Touch® and its use is not affiliated with nor endorsed by the Quantum Touch organization: think of it as a kissing cousin of Quantum Touch conceived by me and collectively intended together with Cris (who inspired me to come up with it) and a whole slew of QT enthusiasts on this forum! You can read more about it here:

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Healing blessings,