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Mark Lee
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(that's my first hello from the new guy who sheepishly walks into the room full of strangers... but I'm sure you're all very warm and welcoming!

As you can tell, I'm new and I don't know my way around here just yet, or the etiquette.

So, I don't want to tread on toes or upset admins.

Who's going to be my welcoming host and guide?

Whoever that awesome person will be, I'm sure you'd ask a little about me so you could guide me better.

OK, so I'm a mentor for coaches who are setting up their online profiles and marketing processes.

I've recently change my niche target from artists to coaches due to setting up my own partners online systems (she's just qualified from the TCA and I'm so proud of her hard work and dedication!)

That's already led me to helping 3 other coaches and I see huge potential using online systems for coaches, particularly the fact that 80-90% of it can be automated.

I have great respect for coaches and their potential to help people transform their lives... as coaches have helped me with transforming my life.

Now, its a pleasure to help and serve coaches so they can go and transform lives too!

I suppose I should ask if there's a particular forum section here that is dedicated towards business advice? I didn't notice a business coaching section so considering just using the "other" section.

I would suggest to the admins here that a business section may be beneficial where other coaches can offer advice and suggestions on the business aspect of coaching.

That's a little bit about me!

I look forward to finding out more about YOU over time.

For now... Have a wonderful day!

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Welcome Mark,

There is a Business and Marketing forum () though to access it you'll have to upgrade your account as it's in the Private Therapists Forums section of the site.

Talking of not wanting to upset admins, can I request you remove the word "Visit" from your signature. Signatures (or posts you make) should not use wording that directs members to visit the site, though it's ok to include the site URL itself in your signature.

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Glad you are back. Did you see the post about how to help coaches and to find ways to network. Great success in the adventure and growing process. Thank you Giles for keeping an eye out for us. We appreciate your wisdom!