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examples of amazing health on an all-plant diet, and intro to other benefits 🙂

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I have created a webpage to give an introduction (with solid credible reference links) on the benefits of moving one's diet to be more plant based

There are examples of exceptional health, to show that plant foods can support our daily activities... and also those of top athletes 🙂 and top thinkers

I've been on a meat-free diet since 1994, and an animal-food free diet since 1996, and am now on a 70% fresh organic fruit diet, with the rest being mixed organic grains and bean foods. I never get sick, not even small colds, and my attention and mind is very calm but alert. I feel much more spiritually in tuned; more aware of subtle feelings and sensations.

my webpage is below in my signature
please feel free to post the link on other places where it is welcomed 🙂