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Increasing Your Vibration in 13 Ways

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The Law of Attraction works both ways; depending upon the energy you are giving out. The Law of Attraction is the process of attracting things from the unphysical world and making it appear in your physical world. Such as the many resources, tools, people, and situations that can assist you in achieving your life goals. However, many of the times we attract what we don’t want without even noticing it.
If you want to attract good things into your life you must become aware of the frequency at which you are vibrating, and noticing this can be done by observing your emotions, your environment and your association.
Ultimately, increasing your energy system will put you into a position to attract more of what you deem desirable. Here are 13 ways to do so:
1.) Change Your Consistent Thoughts- Your consistent thoughts are what led you to your present moment, changing them when their negative can drastically improve your quality of life.
2.) When experiencing a bad thought or emotions, hold a good thought for at least 15 seconds exactly when you notice the negativity stirring, then use the affirmation “ I choose to feel good now” to flip switch from a bad vibration to a good one.
3.) Avoid artificial substances; alcohol, etc. Artificial substances will bring you a low vibrational energy and will equally attract people, situations, and things that will vibrate at this low energy.
4.) Avoid low energy music. Harsh, pounding music especially with negative lyrics lowers your vibrational energy and disables you from connecting with your higher level of consciousness.
5.) Become aware of the energy levels of where you live, work or hang out.
6.) Reduce or eliminate your exposure to TV. TV has become the bane of modern society. Programs from the news to the majority of TV shows will expose your mind to a constant stream of negativity, this will in turn impact your energy levels.
7.) Stop reading the newspaper; like television, it’s meant to bring you more bad news.

8.) Don’t read books or watch films with negative or violent messages
9.) Become conscious of the energy levels of your family and friends, choose to be in close proximity of people who share the likes you have; high energy people
10.) Avoid any religion that makes you feel bad about yourself
11.) Extend acts of kindness without an expectation of thanks
12.) Be grateful for what you already have. Gratitude is proven to increase your energy system and allows you to attract more of what you’re already grateful for.
13.) Hold thoughts of forgiveness in your mind. Thoughts of hatred and revenge will always weaken your energy field. A simple thought of forgiveness will cause you to be strong and increase your energy system dramatically.

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I agree with that you have said and I practise positive thoughts and have worked hard to get where I am today

brillant post means a lot to me and makes sense

love fairytrish xx