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Sleep disorder

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Hello everyone,
Right before I fall asleep, a minor nasal passage obstruction triggers the "lack of air" anxiety (of not surfacing in time). Whenever it starts happening--if I were to rise from bed and start walking (and deliberately thinking of something else)...the psychological pressure slowly dissipates within a minute, two, or three...without re-occurrence when deliberately thinking of something else (immediately returning to bed to fall asleep).
I've been having this "sleep disorder" for the past 1 1/2 happens about once or twice per month. When it happens it's very scary! Can anyone tell me the name of my "sleep disorder"? What can I do to get rid of this sleep disorder?
Thank you in advance!

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Have you been to see your doctor for a diagnosis, it may be something that can be helped or he can refer you to someone else.

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I think you should contact a doctor and get your problem throughly investigated. Sleep disorder is not a small problem and can further lead to many more problems.

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Would have benefited if you responded about the problem you have talked about here. Since I see a long time has surpassed since you asked this you must have got relief from the condition, now the same thing is disturbing me too and sleepless nights have become regular for me. I do not want to rely on the sleeping pills therefore am not taking them. The medications prescribed by the doctors are also doing nothing to help me will I be ever able to get rid of this problem?

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Hi jordanb,

Sleep disorder is really a big problem as if you don't sleep well you will never be energetic.To get rid off sleep disorder consult a good physician and search the remedies on health sites.

Masha B
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If the sleep disorder is connected with anxiety issues, then relaxation techniques could be beneficial; yesterday I posted a description of a good relaxation exercise for insomnia which I use regularly with clients, which you may find helpful too:


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Sleep disorder is getting quite common nowadays. You should first have a check up from a sleep expert because generally sleep disorder does not block your nasal passage, may be you are having sleep apnea, a kind of sleep disorder though.