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Seems there is a newly discovered way to reconenct, align and rebalance onces self. I was watching "healing quest" via public tv and on that days episode.. they talked about "earthing" this is where you can reconnect and rebalance your vibrations or engries as well as reconnect with the earth itself.
Basicly earthing is that which you remove your shoes or unnatural items from your person while walking in the forest. mainly that which your feet should be bare and one should walk through the grass offering hems and meditation.
I've found this to be a very interesting subject and I'm begaining to intergrate the idea of earthing with that of crystals. In other words carring the crystals with you while your earthing.
I'm working on the idea that earthing must follow a set path whcih you've places on the grass or forest floor. This path allows you stay focused on your footsteps for at least 20 mins a day to acctually do soem good to your self.
So I'm submitting the idea for a new topic area Earthing or would this fall within another topic area?.

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I would perhaps say that putting it under the Natural Remedies forum or in the General Therapies forum would be suitable. Either that or you could potentially use the Reiki and Energy Healing forum.

Not sure there would be enough discussions specifically about earthing (outside of things like Reiki etc.) to warrant a forum of it's own.

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