Alternative therapies and the menopause

The menopause, often referred to as ‘the change’, represents a major physical and emotional upheaval for middle-aged women. Despite many choosing a pharmaceutical solution with the use of HRT, many more are discovering that alternative therapies can help you adapt, manage and embrace the changes your body and mind are facing. We take a look at how some alternative therapies can really help you during the menopause.


There have been some suggestions that CBT (cognitive-behavioural therapy) can help alleviate the low moods associated with the menopause. Low mood is one of the key ailments that women going through the menopause report. CBT is a short-term form of therapy that deals with current problems rather than addressing underlying childhood issues. It can take as little as six to 15 sessions to make a big difference to your life and the way you currently feel.

Yoga, Tai Chi & Nordic Walking

Increasing the amount of exercise you do is key to getting through a happy and healthy menopause. Exercise can lift your mood and also help you control hot flushes. However, for many women in their fifties, the idea of taking up a new exercise regime is not appealing. Exercise such as yoga or tai chi however, or even Nordic Walking, which all put less strain on the body than cycling or running for example, can be the ideal option for menopausal women. These exercises are also thought to be generally therapeutic and allow for a bit of meditation or mindfulness – excellent further activities when you’re going through the menopause. Nordic Walking has the added bonus of being able to be combined with socialising with friends.

Simple measures

As well as natural therapies, there’s plenty of other things you can do before you consider HRT. Add more fruit and veg to your diet and reduce animal fats and sugars which can make you feel lethargic. Go to bed earlier, keep your room cool and take Vitamin D supplements, all of this can help for an easier journey through the change.

As you can see there are plenty of safer, more natural alternative therapies to consider when you begin the menopausal journey, before you think about HRT or other medicated options.

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